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Our Company

OOO “Antares-Trading” (Limited Liability Company) has been an active participant of Russian logistics market since 2010. Through these years we have gained successful experience in organizing:

  • Forwarding services of a wide range of goods,
  • International container traffic
  • Customs clearance services for export and import cargoes
  • Domestic truckage
  • Warehouse operations,
  • FEA outsourcing.

We develop optimal delivery schemes and find solutions to logistics and customs problems for our clients.

Though we specialize in perishable goods such as fruits and vegetables we are not afraid of dealing with any category of commodities. Our main area is import of fruit and vegetables from Turkey, Israel, Egypt. In addition we handle cargo from companies specializing in:

  • Furniture, furniture parts, accessories,
  • Textile,
  • Auto parts,
  • Casual clothes and sportswear for kids and adults,
  • Household appliances,
  • Various plastic products,
  • Raw materials for various manufacturing types,
  • Construction (marble, granite and ceramic products and raw materials),
  • Goods for sports and recreation.

We develop individual logistic solutions for every client offering financial and economic justification for every option.

We take into account the entire supply chain from the manufacturer to the end consumer – from transportation and handling to customs clearance.

For each cargo we choose optimal transport route considering its particularity. We always advise on filling transportation documents, control cargo movement and timely delivery to the specified point.

Customer requests are fulfilled promptly and with maximum efficiency.

We work equally well with different customs regimes: export, import, domestic and international transit. Furthermore our specialists can always give you advice on customs duties optimization.

OOO “Antares-Trading” prepares over 4000 customs declarations a year.

Our company operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without breaks and weekends.