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Antares-Trading company is a skilled player on the foreign economic activity scene, and it offers its customers such services as import operations and customs clearance. Our specialists are competent in their areas and know what to do and how to do it best. You needn’t worry about your import, just leave it to our company and go on with managing your business.


Goods are imported into the Russian Federation in the following way:


  • 1. First the preliminary costs are calculated based on the client's data.

  • 2. According to the client's wishes and requirements suitable basic delivery conditions are found.

  • 3. All details are agreed upon with the client, the parties draw up and sign a contract for the goods import.

  • 4. We purchase foreign currency and then pay the client's supplier bill.

  • 5. The next stage is organization of goods transportation and goods in transit insurance.

  • 6. Drawing up documents on non-tariff regulation for bringing goods into the territory of Russia.

  • 7. Import documents are drawn up at customs service.

8. Goods are delivered to the client's store on the territory of Russia.


We are responsible for all foreign currency payments. When the work is done the client gets all the documents and a report about all operations carried out. Our long-term experience in this sphere helps us organize the process of customs documentation accurately, find out issues that require some additional insurance, define major problems and find the ways of solving them effectively. We would do everything we can to exclude any unexpected delay of your cargo at the customs.