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FEA outsourcing

We offer our customers FEA outsourcing which allows to buy goods abroad and organize their delivery to Russia easily.

We will take the lead in organizing all the logistic chain from purchasing goods abroad to their delivery including transportation, customs registration, certification and other necessary actions.

We take a truly individual approach to every customer taking into account all the nuances and peculiarities.

However, customs clearance do not require your personal participation. For this purpose «Antares-Trading» acts as an international trade intermediary between a foreign supplier and the recipient of goods in Russia.

Here is how it works:

  1. «Antares-Trading», OOO legally acts as the importer concluding international trade contract with your trading partner on your behalf. All customs clearance is carried out on our legal entity. Thus all international trade risks are delegated to our company as “the consignee on behalf of the authorized customs brocker”
  2. urchase the goods for the principal, customs clearance on our technical importer contract, forwarding, delivery and transfer of cargo preparing all the necessary Russian documents are carried out by a single economic operator. This ensures clear coordination between transport and customs components, eliminates communication and responsibility inconsistency since information and documents are delivered in due time.
  3. All services are provided in complex. Working with only one importer makes total expenses significantly less since some of our services are charged by cost price and agency fee is billed separately.

You avoid:

  • Plenty of paperwork,
  • Unpleasant communication with officials and bureaucrats,
  • Pestering government agencies while collecting the documents,
  • Long, costly and complicated customs clearance,
  • Complicated financial and legal foreign trade arrangements.

We guarantee our customers full financial transparency of goods' acquisition, transportation and clearance.