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Export is moving goods from the territory of the Customs Union without any obligation for transporting these goods back into the country. «Antares-Trading» Ltd. carries out all the services for exporting goods from Russia into different countries.

The export procedure is complex and consists of the following steps:

  1. The sum of the contract for exporting goods is defined on the basis of the information given by the client.

  2. The basis of the delivery is defined in accordance with all necessary conditions. A contract for exporting goods is signed with a foreign buyer.

  3. The payment of all customs duties is carried out if necessary.

  4. All the covering transport and customs documents are prepared.

  5. The customs service for exporting goods is carried out.

While exporting goods it is important to carry out plenty of operations such as cargo forwarding, transportation of goods and customs clearance. Cargo forwarding can be within Russia or within the port (if the sea transportation has been used) or beyond the borders of Russia. We can guarantee that we export goods from Russia with accuracy and professionalism:

  • we prepare all necessary documents within a short period of time

  • we deliver goods to the place of destination in time without any delay

  • the amount of transport expenses is adequate


Exporting goods is a complicated task that requires different variants of doing it. We would be happy to help you with this!